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Our pursuit of modernisation leaves behind a trail of waste Oby taking what we can have and not what we really need. This disturbs the ecological balance of mother nature which has been preserved since millennia. Eco Vision is a initiative to restore the balance and harmony with nature's elements; Creating an Organisation Endeavouring for a Greener World.

Started in 1998 by Jitendra Pareek with a rented barren land,our efforts and product brought us to be a Cover Story in a National Business magazine Intelligent Investor (March 2002). In span of 12 years the organization has a wide platform from mining, crushing and production range of Eco Friendly, Cost Effective, Sustainable, Customized, Construction and Home Decor Solutions.In year 2003, Avinash Pareek joined the Eco Vision team to strengthen the organisation.

"There is enough for everybody's need,
but not enough for anybody's greed."

–Mahatma Gandhi

“Coming together is beginning,
Working together is progress and
Keeping together is Success.”

–Pareek brothers believes