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About Kerb Stones

A kerb unit is intended to separate surfaces providing physical or visual delineation and containment of the pavement construction. Whatever your requirement, Ecovision has the solution; from our rich granite Conservation Kerb units to British Standard Kerb, Channels and Edging. In addition, more specialist types are available in the form of our High Containment Kerb - Titan and Bus Stop Kerb. Our experienced team of design and pavement engineers can assist you in selecting the most appropriate kerb for your scheme. If you would like to know more we have a selection of videos explaining the differences of our kerb offer. Ecovison can also offer CPD seminars for practices, please see the CPD portal for more information.We manufacture and supply a range of concrete kerbs and natural stone kerbs for the commercial landscaping market. Our extensive range of kerbs and integrated accessories are designed to deal with everything from the impact of HGVs, to compliance with stringent HSE requirements, to meeting the aesthetic criteria of any contemporary or heritage project. As well as standard kerbs, we also manufacture bespoke concrete and natural stone kerbs for your project.