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About Pavers & Tiles
Eco products combine the look and feel of traditional stone with the high performance, long life, low maintenance qualities of modern materials. Creating an inviting and durable area for both residential and commercial applications.

Paving has been around for almost 5,000 years. One of the oldest paved roads was discovered in the summer of 1994, in Giza, Egypt. In Europe the earliest known use of precast building stone dates about the year 1138 and was seen at Carcassonne, France the cite’ which contains one of the finest remains of medieval fortification. The product gained wide spread usage in London in the year 1900 and in America around 1920, the White House being a superb example. The imposing building facades adorning the streets of London, Paris and other major cities in Europe and America, which appear to be composed of natural stone are actually precast building stone. Interlocking pavers are manufactured by machinery in factories. They consist of both fine and coarsely grained aggregate, along with cement compounds. The ingredients are put through pressure and vibration courses, which produce a strong, durable concrete that can then be molded into various shapes and designs.

Advantages of Pavers