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About Tactiles

TacTiles™ are innovative and sustainable and present a whole new way of installing Interface carpet tiles without the need for glue. If you’ve ever wished for a more sustainable, flexible and cleaner way of fitting flooring, Tactiles™ is what you’ve been waiting for.TacTiles™ are small, clear plastic adhesive squares, which you place underneath carpet tiles to fix them firmly to each other. This patented system creates a ‘floating’ floor layer – so the flooring is fastened tight, but not stuck permanently in place. TacTiles™ come in small cardboard boxes that are easy to carry, transport and recycle.TacTiles™ reduce the environmental impact by around 90% compared to using traditional glue, and virtually eliminate VOC (volatile organic compounds) and unpleasant odours. This means an important contribution to improving the indoor air quality and that the installation of the new floor can be carried out while people are working, not disrupting the usual business and protecting the wellbeing of employees.

TacTiles™ are quick to install because there is no waiting time and unlike glue, TacTiles™ need no time to set. So as soon as the final carpet tile is laid, your floor is ready to use. And when the time comes to replace or move the carpet, TacTiles™ facilitate easier uplift and recycling. There’s no sticky mess on the backing and no need for a costly clean-up of the sub floor. You can even lift and replace individual carpet tiles with no problem.A little more about TacTiles™

A little more about TacTiles™

  Clear 75mm x 75mm polyester adhesive squares with coloured print
  Made from PET Polyester ( the same material as plastic bottles)
 Developed for tiles with GlasBac® and Graphlex® backings
 Available in sheets of 6 or rolls of 500 connectorsge
 Versatile and effective, with only 4-5 TacTiles™ required per m2
 The perfect solution for the installation of flooring across all sectors
 Suitable for all Interface carpet tiles and installation methods
 TacTiles™ can contribute to Green Building certification schemes such as LEED, BREEAM, HQE and DGNB