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About Bricks

Cellular Light Weight Concrete (CLC), technology has been used in over 45 countries of the world over the past 30 years to construct Over a hundred thousand houses, apartments, schools, hospitals, industrial, commercial buildings etc. The process for CLC production is DIN 4232 & BIS 2185 (Part 4) : 2008 specification. The introduction in India of a modified version using over 40% fly ash has made it an even more eco-friendly and cost effective version of CLC.

The new product is set to revolutionize the manner in which buildings are constructed. In the process, the product brings quality housing closer to the masses at a faster and at a lower cost.

CLC blocks are environmental friendly manufactured from common natural raw materials. The Energy consumed in the production process is only a fraction compared to the production of other materials, and emits no pollutants and creates no byproducts or toxic products. CLC blocks provide thermal and sound insulation as well as fire protections, eliminating need for many different layers of plastering, and do not emit any toxic gas when exposed to fire. Due to the cellular structure of the material the blocks can be easily cut with carpenter's saw & nails can be driven into them with equal ease.

Weight reduction becomes highly beneficial for structural reasons, saving steel reinforcement in the foundation, resulting in substantial savings upto 12% of the material in steel. CLC Blocks are competitive with bricks in pricing and offer significant savings for finished structures.

Savings in construction cost can be as much as 18% when using CLC Blocks, as compared to brick, after taking into account the resulting savings in gravel, cement, steel, labor, structure, foundation etc.

  Require minimum skilled workforce and primarily deploying unskilled labour.
  Economy in Energy Consumption & faster execution.
  Finished dwellings are weather-proof, thermally comfortable and durable.
  Suitable for Hurricane / Earthquake – proof constructions.
  Converting and making productive use of industrial waste products.
  Cost effective in comparison with conventional alternative.
  Environment friendly - consuming fly ash and replacing burnt clay bricks. (Clay bricks are high energy consumption, wastes agricultural land, soil erosion, banned in more and more countries) without wasting natural resources nor creating pollution.