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About Fountains

There has always been a tradition for having water features in the garden, but these days it is becoming more and more common for indoor fountains to be incorporated into the interior of the home. These fantastic and very attractive items come in the shape of wall fountains, floor standing fountains and even those that are designed for table top use, and are very much a welcome addition to the decor.

The popularity of fountains is something that is enduring, for the sight of beautifully soaring or falling water and the sound as it splashes and trickles away is something that makes for a very attractive feature. What makes them more attractive these days is that many are solar fountains; these need no mains power and rely on a solar panel that draws power from the rays of the sun. The only outlay is the purchase of the fountain, there is no wiring involved bar that from the panel to the fountain itself (and some use underwater solar panels) and the effect is stunning.

Solar fountains tend to be for outdoor use, and many pond fountains that you can buy these days are solar powered. Pond fountains take the form of the traditional simple hidden pump that sends a tower of water into the air, or a more stylish bird bath style fountain, and sometimes they are in the form of rock fountains, with water cascading down a series of decorative rocks to give a very tranquil and quite delightful effect.

It is the versatility of outdoor fountains that has inspired the current growing trend for indoor fountains, and these come in many shapes and forms. Perhaps the most impressive indoor fountains are wall fountains, these being very innovative and quite beautiful designs that are mounted on a wall and provide what is, in effect, a living picture that features water rolling down a textured surface. Popular in natural stone such as slate and granite, and often lit for effect as are many pond fountains they are fabulous focal points for a room and make a great feature in a modern or traditional setting.

This style of wall fountain is also available as a free standing indoor floor fountain, equally beautiful and available in many different styles, and for those with less space the superb range of table fountains sometimes miniature versions of modern or antique designs that are intended for table top use are very impressive indeed, and make a great centrepiece for a dinner party or gathering.

There is no doubt that solar fountains are the item of choice for outdoor use and that most pond fountains these days are solar powered, and the effect of a fully lit fountain in an evening setting is one that cannot be surpassed, yet it may be that it is the innovation in indoor fountains, in particular the splendid and very beautiful wall fountains, that attract you. Whatever it is you are looking for there is so much available that the choice is yours all you have to do is decide.